Some characteristics of plastics

This brief introduction to plastics is simply a quick starting point for anyone looking for basic information. It should be noted, however, that once the type of material best-suited for the particular application has been identified, it’s important to consult the material’s technical data sheets which we’ll be happy to send you promptly upon request.

Our engineers, backed by extensive experience working step by step with companies in a wide variety of sectors, would be happy to provide any clarifications or assistance you may need with your applications.

It’s precisely our customers’ problems and our desire to resolve them that have helped us to improve consistently over the years in a the constantly evolving world of plastics.

NOTES:  Upon request, we can supply materials other than those described in this catalogue. For any special requests, please contact our technical/commercial office.

The data provided here is intended to quickly inform and assist the user in choosing the most suitable material. In any case the data is non-binding, representing average values obtained from multiple individual measurements.